Milano Gallery

The space seeks the idea of timelessness, large and ethereal stages that frame design pieces displayed like works of art.

The gallery represents the first expression of the new GIOPAGANI aesthetic concept, dedicated to recounting a more intimate and personal lifestyle idea: contaminations of memories and matter, from organic modernism and Italian Style to the search for aesthetic and functional possibilities, fusing culture of Design with the savoir-faire of highly selected Italian master craftsmen.

Inside the gallery, in addition to the Interior Design and Architecture division, the most iconic objects of the GIOPAGANI collection will be presented in an ethereal canvas to outline its shape and enhance its material: from the L’Armando sculptural table in green onyx, to the Vicious sartorial sofa, passing through the new Vittorio line in solid wood dedicated to the night area.

Via San marco 26 – Brera, 20121 Milano

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